Dog House XL with Terrace


Elevate your pet’s outdoor living with our XL Insulated Dog House with Canopy. Designed for large breeds, it offers exceptional warmth and protection thanks to its 2 cm thick Styrofoam insulation and moisture-proof roof and floor. The modern, luxurious design complements any garden, while the roof opens for easy cleaning. Delivered in two packages for straightforward assembly. Give your dog the comfort and security they deserve with this stylish and durable outdoor shelter.

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XL Insulated Dog House with Terrace: Ultimate Comfort for Your Puppy

Discover Unmatched Spaciousness and Warmth

DIMENSIONS: Designed for large dogs, this XL Insulated Dog House boasts generous dimensions of 123 cm in length, 105 cm in width, and 53 cm in height, offering an expansive retreat for breeds like German Shepherds and Labradors. Your furry friend will have ample room to stretch, rest, and relax in its private haven.

All-Season Insulation for Optimal Warmth

INSULATION: We understand the importance of keeping your dog warm and cozy throughout the year. That’s why our outdoor dog kennel is equipped with a 2 cm thick Styrofoam insulation layer on the walls, ensuring your pet stays protected from drafts and cold weather, making it a perfect winterproof shelter.

Durable Roof and Floor: Protection Against the Elements

ROOF AND FLOOR: The outdoor dog house is engineered with a moisture-proof roof and floor, safeguarding your dog against dampness and ensuring a dry, comfortable interior. The added canopy extends over the entrance, offering extra protection from rain and sun, while the hinged roof design allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Modern Aesthetics Meets Functionality

MODERN AND LUXURIOUS LOOK: Elevate the look of your garden with this wooden dog house that seamlessly blends a modern design with functionality. Its sophisticated appearance adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor space, all while providing a cozy and stylish shelter for your dog.

Hassle-Free Assembly: DIY Friendly

EASY ASSEMBLY: Delivered in two convenient packages, our dog house is designed for easy self-assembly. Paint it to match your outdoor decor or leave it in its natural wooden finish. With simple, straightforward instructions, you’ll have it ready for your pet in no time.

Why Choose Our XL Insulated Dog House with terrace?
  • Spacious interior suitable for large dog breeds
  • 2 cm thick Styrofoam insulation for year-round comfort
  • Waterproof roof and floor with canopy for added protection
  • Modern and luxurious design enhances your garden’s aesthetics
  • Easy DIY assembly for a personalized touch

Give your dog the gift of comfort and style with our XL Insulated Dog House with Canopy. Designed to meet the needs of large breeds, it promises a warm, dry, and comfortable shelter that complements your outdoor living space beautifully.

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