How to choose the best sun lounger depending on its purpose?

The fashion for sun loungers, which we use not only on the beach, but also in the garden, is growing more and more. It is the perfect way to rest comfortably and de-stress yourself. However, it turns out that choosing the perfect sun lounger is not the easiest thing to do. First of all, we must consider whether it is intended for sunbathing in the sun, for receiving guests in the garden for joint rest, or to spend time reading your favorite book. Plus it’s good consider the position of the piece of furniture. However, the most important thing in a deckchair is convenience, so we will help you make the right choice for you.

1. Wooden or plastic deckchair?

Wooden sun loungers have adjustable backrests and armrests, that will help your body to lie down in a comfortable position and perform other activities. The greatest  their advantage is the material, the role of which is to perfectly fit yours to it body, which guarantees you excellent comfort of use. Their next advantage is the possibility of folding and taking them under the armpit to be moved to any place. They are not light objects, but they are definitely lighter than plastic deckchairs. The material from which the seat is sewn has an unlimited number of patterns and options the possibility of printing any graphics on it.

Plastic loungers are also adjustable and armrests. However, their surface is much wider, and they themselves are larger in size and weight. This becomes a disadvantage when the deckchair needs to be moved. This is not a problem but, not everyone can handle it. Thanks to this they are more stable, durable and water resistant. Its best attribute, however, is the pillows that give the definition of comfort a middle name. Here, too, there is a wide range of color and seat design.

2. Which deckchair should you choose depending on its purpose?

Sun loungers are a piece of furniture that has been designed so that it can be worn freely and folding, therefore its most popular destination is the beach. In this case the seat works well, as it is relatively light and, above all, will make everyone feel perfectly comfortable. For such a purpose wooden deckchairs seem to be the best, because thanks to their weight, even a child can carry them. Additionally, their legs sink perfectly into the sand, which makes them better stabilization. Another advantage is the material, which dries very quickly after soaking. Plastic loungers in this case become impractical due to their problems with transport.

It is becoming more and more popular to use sun loungers in your own garden. Therein we feel most comfortable, thanks to privacy and silence. It’s a great place to be relaxation at any time and a way to be able to feel some sunlight on your body and at the same time to devote yourself to your favorite activities. However, garden loungers are exposed to the vagaries of the weather. Outside, the temperature is fluctuating and it can fall apart at the most unexpected moment, which means that the furniture will be exposed to water and wind. Therefore, when choosing this piece of furniture, you need to pay attention to its stability, workmanship and weight. If you decide to buy a wooden deckchair, in this case it is a good idea to impregnate, it so as not to worry that it might get damaged. However, its design fits perfectly with the wooden elements of the garden, or the loft look of the apartment when you use it on the balcony. The great advantage of the seat is the infinite number of patterns, so you can buy one that will perfectly suit your tastes and character. Whereas plastic deckchairs are definitely heavier and bigger, which means that they are not so exposed to wind, and most of all water. However, the advantages also become a disadvantage the moment you want to move them to another place. Its seat is made of cushions that you need often wash, and in case of rain they will dry for a very long time. It cannot be denied that they are so comfortable, that it feels as if you are lying on an adjustable bed in the open air, which makes its shortcomings disappear at the moment. Of course, you have in the market many colors of such deckchairs to choose from, and the number of patterns on the cushions is indescribable.

However, in the case of both deckchairs, remember to properly protect them for the winter by covering them with a cover in a dry place.

We hope that after reading our article you will already know which deckchair will be perfect for you and your vision of its use. We wish you a pleasant relaxation in your new sun lounger.

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