How to choose the best dog house?

Having a house with a garden, it is impossible not to share it with your dog. Such a space wonderfully serves the animal’s senses and he can also vent its huge amounts of energy at any time. Animals love to spend time outdoors, but the weather often takes its toll. Scorching heat or stinging in the nostrils of frost for dogs, which however, spend most of their lives outside the home, it is good to provide a space, that will provide them with  a pleasant shelter from the weather conditions. This solution turns out to be a kennel which, thanks to its special design, also gives relief on hot days and provides a warm shelter on cooler evenings. In addition, such a peculiar private dog room, is the perfect place for a comfortable rest for him in peace and quiet, where he will be able to lie down comfortably until a nap.

The only question is which dog kennel should you choose?

There are several important factors to choose the best one for your dog. Therefore, we have prepared this article for you, so that you can make the best choice from our assortment.

1. Does the dog need a kennel?

As We mentioned before, if your dog spends most or all of its time outdoors it is worth providing him a shelter from the weather conditions. Our kennels are designed to maintain a temperature opposite to that of the outside. Therefore, when it is hot outside, the pet can cool down in it and warm up in winter. Of course, they are also waterproof and have an incredibly durable structure, so that no storm or heavy rain will not have an effect the dog’s comfort.

All in all, the kennel is a great addition to a dog’s equipment, which makes it that he will feel safe and comfortable and will provide him with some privacy, so if you want to make your pet feel like this, you should give him such a gift.

2. Does the size of the kennel matter?

This is a very important aspect, when choosing the right kennel for your pet. There are many breeds of dogs and therefore they come in different sizes, so before buying a dog house, you need to measure carefully your pet to ensure the perfect kennel for him.

During sleep, the dog is a bit curled up and this should be the basis of this measure, because then we know how much space it will need to lie down comfortably in it. To these dimensions we should add the dimensions of his body in width and add to them a few centimeters, so that he will be able to change position freely. The kennel can’t be too big as it is connected with heat losses.

The entrance to the kennel is proportional to its dimensions, but it is important that it includes a curtain, becouse thanks to that, the temperature inside will be able to hold on.

Our offer has different sizes of kennels, thanks to which you will certainly perfectly match it to your pet. Namely, they are sizes S, L and XL.

• For example, a S-size kennel will work well when your dog is roughly the same size as a Yorkshire terrier or a Shih tzu.

• Size L, on the other hand, is great for medium-sized dogs such as Beagle or Border Colie.

• Kennel XL is designed for large dogs such as German Shepherd or Husky.

3. How should a kennel be constructed?

Above all the construction of the kennel should be designed to be dry and the temperature inside it should be appropriate to the conditions outside. Its skeleton must be durable enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. It is also important that its dimensions are universal enough to be able to adapt it to a dog of any size and ensure him comfort of use.

Our doghouse meets all these requirements because it has been designed so that the dog is safe and simply happy in it.

Most often, tar paper is used to secure the roof of the kennel. It is the best material used in such constructions because it is waterproof, reflects the sun’s rays and helps to maintain an appropriate temperature inside.

Impregnated wood is also used as the roof of the kennel, which, despite its inferior properties, looks great next to the owners’ wooden house.

Remember that the roof should be a separate structure that can be pulled down in order to be able to clean the kennel inside.

Another important aspect is that the walls of the doghouse should be composed of layers that will adequately ensure the right temperature inside.

Such a structure should consist of:

WOOD (Plywood, paneling, HDF board) – impregnated

STYROFOAM (Foam or wool)

WOOD (Plywood, paneling, HDF board) – impregnated

Thanks to this, we can be absolutely sure that we will provide the dog with the most suitable conditions for him.

The floor of the kennel should definitely be resistant to moisture and also be of such a type material that helps to keep warm. There are several materials for its construction, and the most popular of them is OSB and HDF plate. It is very important that the kennel does not have direct contact with the ground. On the example of our kennel, beech blocks can be used, thanks to which we can be sure that our pooch’s kennel will not get wet during the rain.

We must not forget that the entrance to the kennel must be protected against frost or hot air from getting inside. The most popular solution is a rubber curtain, which perfectly protects against external conditions and allows the animal to move freely.

4. What should be included inside the kennel?

First of all, we must provide the dog with the appropriate comfort of using its kennel. It must contain everything that will give him warmth, coolness and comfort, but you also cannot overdo it, so as not to take too much space from the pooch. Depending on the pet’s preferences and the season of the year, we can lay out the kennel with a blanket in the spring, a mattress for the summer, or hay for the winter. Additionally, we can equip it with a cooling mat on hot days, or with a heating mat when it is very cold. It is important that the dog has access to water at all times, so the bowl should preferably be placed in front of the dog’s kennel. The dog will not always be asleep, so keep him busy with his favorite teether, hard stick or bone.

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